Welcome to Palaneum, where new worlds begin! Start out your journey with a piece of virtual land in the fastest growing metaverse on the Polygon blockchain. The Palaneum metaverse offers the ultimate gaming experience with exclusive access to our NFT marketplace. Other perks include a customized Ready Player Me Avatar creation experience where you can explore our metaverse. Our virtual land owners get VIP access to our free Palaneum Ape NFT airdrops and front of the line options to land upgrades all within our play to earn Metaverse gaming Website ecosystem.

Palaneum is a blockchain metaverse gaming experience where players can connect with one another in a shared and immersive virtual world built on the Polygon Blockchain. It utilizes NFT virtual lands and artifacts and up-gradeable land structures. Palaneum is the first of its kind offering NFT land plots for sale in the metaverse mapped to the USA. We also have an NFT airdrop to reward our loyal community members in the form of Palaneum Apes and other NFTs.

NFT Marketplace

We are creating an NFT marketplace for creators, artists, investors, developers, and players. Choose your plot of land from the metaverse map and make your first purchase and join this new world. Scroll to the bottom of the page and join our Discord. Drop your blockchain address to get a chance at a free NFT and enjoy Palaneum!

As a total metaverse for immersing oneself in the virtual realm, Palaneum is a place for players to experience new worlds never imagined before. You can play, live, craft, explore, and interact with other people and players in this metaverse. You can also buy, sell and trade NFTs in the eco-friendly Palaneum NFT Marketplace.

Metaverse World

In this metaverse world, players, usually represented by avatars, can interact with each other, play games, construct experiences, and create in-world objects. The players and audience members can view NFTs and landscapes and buy, sell, and create. The avatars themselves can be pre-built from partner sites like Ready Player Me that can be used across different metaverses or created within the Palaneum NFT marketplace.

metaverse control room

Unlike traditional games, the Palaneum metaverse world is a Play-For-Rewards GameFi game. It offers players oppportunities to buy and sell virtual real estate, NFT items, monetize their creations, and earn rewards for the time spent playing the game. Built around a world of tokenomics that rewards players using in-game tokens, gamers earn rewards for completing quests and achieving missions.

Virtual Land For Sale

There are 100,000 virtual land plots (variety of sizes) available for sale in the Palaneum metaverse. Check out the Map page for more information. In addition, the development of the metaverse game is ongoing with a projected alpha version in Q4 2022. For a complete metaverse experience, join the Palaneum Metaverse.

Included with your plot of land is the opportunity to upgrade to a beautiful stately mansion where you can go with your avatar and be right at home in the metaverse. As more upgrades come online, you will be able to add structures to your land and even earn rewards for playing our metaverse game.

metaverse city