Come See Where
New Worlds Begin

Dream, Create, and Explore in the
Newest Blockchain Metaverse   

The ultimate gaming experience

Integration with Ready Player Me

Use your own avatar or create your own in the
Palaneum NFT marketplace.

Metaverse Game

Choose your own adventures, craft NFT items using harvested resources within the metaverse and much more.

Palaneum ™ Apes NFTs

NFT airdrop to reward our loyal community members in the form of Palaneum Apes and other NFTs.

Metaverse NFT Lands

Virtual land parcels are now available for purchase!

These virtual lands are collectible plots and can increase in value and are used within the metaverse as part of the gaming experience.

Virtual Land


Economic activities such as buying, selling, trading

Social Interaction
Role playing games

Buying of metaverse lands, buildings

Creating items, refining, and developing player skills

NFT Creation

Built in

The Polygon Blockchain has been selected by Palaneum™ as the central blockchain for development because of its eco-friendliness, speed of transactions, and interchain capability.

Also positioned as an ultra-low gas alternative to Ethereum, and offering strong capability in secondary market applications like, it is a perfect solution for our NFT marketplace and NFT lands.

Become a Palaneum
Metaverse Landowner

Get in early while the prices are low.

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