Virtual Land Presale: Phase 1 - Southeastern USA

Metaverse Land

NFT Metaverse Map

Seen above is the NFT Metaverse Map and some of the different block sizes on the grid of the USA. Included on the grid are some of the Palaneum Apes which are sold on OpenSea.

Metaverse Map: NFT Land For Sale

One of the primary offerings from Palaneum are the metaverse NFT virtual Real Estate lands built for Sale on the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain. These lands are beautiful plots dispersed across the USA. With a total of only 100,000 make sure to get yours before they sell out! With your land, you can add a variety of real estate options with the goal of being part of a play-to-earn gaming experience. Upgrade to a mansion on your plot and earn tokens, and upgrade your land structures and earn even more! The more advanced your civilization, the more tokens are rewarded.

The virtual land parcels are comprised of various land and estate sizes that will create opportunities as a Virtual Real Estate Trading Marketplace across the globe.

The land sizes are:

Total 200

24×24, Diamond Land

Total 500

12×12, Platinum Land

Total 1,000

6×6, Gold Land

Total 10,000

3×3, Sliver Land

Total 17,660

1×1, Premium Land

Total 70,640

1×1, Standard Land

NFT Metaverse Marketplace

Also included with the Palaneum platform is an NFT marketplace built on the Polygon blockchain so creators and land owners can list their creations on the marketplace without paying high gas fees. As more and more land owners join the metaverse, we anticipate being a top marketplace for NFT products and creations with low gas fees, and high rewards. Some of the future perks of this feature include having your NFTs showcased on your own land as part of an in-game experience where your NFTs come to life.

Metaverse Land with Mansion

The Metaverse Map allows investors to buy plots of land based on a grid-style format of the USA. There are different sizes of lands available, with the larger plots reserved for NFTs and sponsors. The metaverse map contains 100,000 plots of land and is the first USA based map built on Polygon.